The hotel lies just 250 meters from the sea in Adrasan bay, situated on a babbling brook running into the sea. The small, sleepy town of Adrasan nestles between the steep Taurus Mountains, the green lower slopes and the turquoise waters of the bay. All part of the picture-perfect landscape that is the Lycian coast.

Nature`s potency and harmony is all around. The scent of herbs, grenadine and orange plantations fill the air. Time seems to have stood still. Small hotels and traditional Turkish restaurants adorn the sea promenade. No large hotels blot the landscape and the area lives mainly from agriculture.

Historical sites such as Olympus and Chimera, where the eternal flames constantly flicker, lie just nearby, all situated in the large Beydağları National Park. They say the gods always have a nose for the most beautiful and magical places. Homer called Lycia the land of light. And less than 2 hours away by car or 100 km from Antalya airport.

The Lycian way runs almost directly through the town, which draws walkers, particularly in Spring and Autumn right up to the end of December to its paths. One direction leads to Olympus, the other towards Karaöz, Paradise lies between as a lovely rest stop.

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